History of the club

History of the club

Stephanian first joined the Cape Peninsula Union and played their football at the Green Point common. The club shifted to the Metropolitan Football Association in 1931. They moved and joined the Alliance Football Association at Rosemead Sports Complex in Kenilworth in 1945.

The early years of 1960’s were the golden period. The club made a clean sweep in 1961 and won every trophy on offer. The success was closely followed by two appearance in the Maggot Trophy final with Stephanians finally winning it in 1963.

In the 1950’s, Stephanians started a table tennis and netball club.

In the 1960’s saw a breakaway from some Stephanians members who established the Clarewood Football club.

Stephanians remained with the Alliance FA until the early 1980’s and moved away and joined the Football Association of the Western Province (FAWP). The club enjoyed dominance in the Virgina League. They remained with FAWP until football unity was established in 1991.

In 1995, Stephanians merged with Ottery Ferness FC and Ottery Sinton FC to form Stephen Ottery FC. The club is based on the corner of Tristania and Elm Street in Ottery and joined the Cape District Football Association (CDFA).

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